About Brittany

Do you want to learn how to give your content a cocktail? To take boring B2B content and inject some personality? To blog bolder and brighter?

Brittany Berger HeadshotThat sounds like a job for Bberg. BB. The Beebs. Or just Brittany. And like Amanda Bynes used to say, “thaaaaat’s me!”

Blog Bolder teaches entrepreneurs and marketers smarter ways to use content to build your business. From saving time on social media to creating content that converts, learn better ways to build your business the inbound way.

Here are a few things you can find help with here, between the blog and content marketing services:

  • Ways to automate your business without seeming robotic or impersonal.
  • Smarter methods to drive business from inbound marketing.
  • How to create B2B content that entertains as much as it educates.
  • Ways to use content to build your brand and business.

You know that content shock is real, and you need more than well-written blog posts to build your business through content marketing and social media.

My Content Marketing Love Story

How did I get into this game, anyway?

You see, in 2011 I walked into an interview for a PR internship. (It was really content marketing, but we didn’t call it that yet.)

We talked about this very blog (which was about the topics I was studying at the time) for a while, then they offered me a job on the spot. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that’s when I became 100% sold on this content marketing shit – I had just closed my first deal because of content I’d created.

I stayed at that company for 4 years, working my way up to content marketing manager, learning the ins and outs of inbound, speaking about our success at national conferences, and managing the content team as it grew from a one-woman show to a team of interns, employees, and a dozen or so contributors.

But really, my content love affair started way earlier.

In elementary school, I would play “magazine” and “newspaper” while my friends played “school” and “house.” I then switched to e-zines when Reggie Rocket showed up on the Nickelodeon scene and became my purple-haired girlboss role model.

Now I’m running content and public relations at a SaaS startup in Manhattan, creating campaigns that generate, nurture, and convert leads. Weekends involve much of the same for freelancing and coaching clients.

Who is Bberg?

onesie pic1. I’m a slightly ridiculous semi-adult with a deep love for coloring books and fleece onesies.

2. My ideal Friday night consists of Buffalo Wild Wings’ chicken tenders, fuzzy socks, and watching 4-5 hours of dance choreography videos on YouTube.

3. I’m a former (and formerly injured) dancer that’s trying to get her groove back and bring her diva out with Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Janet classes at one of the coolest dance studios she’s ever seen.

4. I’m an OG binge watcher. I owned seasons of Friends on VHS (yes, friends, V-H-freaking-S), filled DVD binders with every TV season boxed set I could get my hands on, and had binge watched Netflix before they even offered streaming (2-at-a-time DVD plan, whaddup!).

5. Give me a good book and I’ll disappear til it’s finished. My preference is for silly romantic comedies Rachel McAdams or Kate Hudson would probably be in the movie adaptation of. I have a blog about it too, Book Bumblings.

6. I’ll admit my dream to move to NYC was probably fueled by watching too much Friends, Will & Grace, and Sex and the City. And the ability to get discount Broadway tickets whenever I want. Totally legit reasons.

7. I think Lucille Ball is the ultimate girlboss comedienne. She knew how to break new ground for women in entertainment, and make the whole world laugh while doing it. She was the first woman in television to be the head of a production company and set new precedent, like filming in front of a live studio audience.

8. Speaking of making the whole world laugh, I think humor is an important part of everything, including business. My life motto? From the song Funny Girl: “A girl ought to have a sense of humor. That’s one thing she really needs for sure.”

9. Like Jessica Day, I rock a lot of polka dots. And hearts. And flowers. And yeah, even unicorns.

10. Despite loving onesies, Beyoncé, romcoms, humor, and polka dots, I’m still a serious business badass.

Want to talk more? Tweet me at @bberg1010 or shoot me an email at BrittanyLBerger (at) gmail (dot) com.