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Hey, hey, hey! I’m Brittany, your new solo biz BFF.

I’m here to teach you how to work brighter, smarter, and with a little more color (literally or figuratively – take your pick). Save time, grow your blog, and make it fun.

I've figured out which productivity tips and "work/life hacks" work - and which ones are pure crap.

And you?

Well, if you stick around, you're about to learn them all too!

I have seriously learned *so* much from Brittany's productivity advice! IFTTT has helped everything that comes with scheduling and sharing a blog post a whole lot easier and less overwhelming. I never realized how much time I was spending on the little tasks, but they really add up!

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Melody DiCroceMelody Notes

Brittany gives concrete information and examples that show you exactly what to do to maximize your productivity. I went from "This task sucks..." (and thus, procrastination) to "This task sucks... how can I automate it?" (so I never have to do it again!). I'm getting so much more done in so much less time."


Email, social media, and other admin taking up time you should be spending on more important tasks? Automation helps you take back your day! This free workbook will help you get started and decide what to automate first - git on it!