Content marketing is about USING content, not just creating it. 💁🏻

Let me guess…

You’re a marketer or content creator and you’re overwhelmed af. And I get it - I’ve been there too.

Most content marketing strategies are all about putting out as much content as possible...

New blog posts every day. New videos every week. New lead magnets and email funnels every month.

And don’t forget webinars, collaborations, and nurturing sequences! Or PR content, support articles...

Should I go on or is your head already spinning? 

Honestly, the list never ends. 😬

It’s exhausting just thinking about the average marketer’s content calendar. And all that work? Isn’t even worth it anymore.

The problem is, like most content marketers, you’re not creating content in a way that lets you step off from the content creation treadmill and start winning leads and customers.

Because you’re sooo focused on creating content, you’re forgetting about everything else involved in marketing it.

*ruh-oh* 🙈

Enter Bberg, stage left!

I’m Brittany Berger, and I’m your content DJ.

I help smart but overwhelmed marketers and creators like you remix, refresh, and remaster your content so you can hop off the content treadmill and get more success from less effort. 

brittany berger

Call it your shift from the More Cowbell Content Strategy (remember that SNL sketch?!) to Minimalist Content Marketing.

Minimalist content marketing has 3 main rules:

  1. Focus on using content, not just creating it.

  2. Create just as much content as you need, then let it work.

  3. Always look for ways to remix and remaster your greatest hits, like any unretired pop legend or diva would.

And with minimalist content marketing, your strategy works smarter, your sales get consistent, and your constant content overwhelm goes buh-bye! 👋

Sound like the marketing chill pill you need? 💊

To get started with minimalist content marketing, pick your dosage below:

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