CREATE LESS REMIX MORE, a new era of content marketing is here
CREATE LESS REMIX MORE, a new era of content marketing is here

Content marketing is about USING content, not just creating it.

Here's what I mean...

If you’re a content marketer, creator, or entrepreneur who gets more overwhelmed every time you look at your content calendar...

Running yourself ragged on the constant content treadmill and trying to publish as much as possible as fast as possible...

Never resting until you totally burn out, only to start the whole cycle over again after you rest a teensy bit...

I'm so glad we're meeting!

I’ve been there too, and I figured out an alternative you'll want to try.

Enter Bberg and content remixing! 👋 

brittany berger

You need to stop creating so much new content and start focusing on remixing, remastering, and refreshing the content you already have.

That way you can hop off the content treadmill and get more success from less effort (and content).

I’m Brittany, and I’m the content remix DJ to help you start thinking about your content like a pop star. 🎧

Call it your shift from the More Cowbell Content Strategy (remember that SNL sketch?!) to Minimalist Content Marketing.

And to ditch the more cowbell for a more minimalist content strategy, there are 3 rules to follow:

content strategy

Rule 1:

Decide how much content is enough for your business goals.

content creation

Rule 2: 

Create *just* as much content as you need. Then let it work.

content repurposing

Rule 3: 

Prioritize remixing and remastering your greatest hits (like any good pop star would).

And with minimalist content marketing, your strategy works smarter, your sales get consistent, and your constant content overwhelm goes buh-bye! ✌🏼

Sound like what you need to banish your content burnout?

To get started with content remixing, pick the best option for you:

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Feel like you're "not ready" for content remixing yet? I get that a lot.

So I made you this quiz that'll tell you how to GET ready:

Curious what your job will look like once you give your marketing a chill pill? 

Here’s what one SaaS content writer has to say:

“Brittany is the content marketing OG. When I started my career in content a few years ago, she was the one I learned so much from. It's no surprise we now nerd out about content every chance we get!

As a writer, I often get overwhelmed, both on strategic and creative side, which is why I took Brittany's Confident Content Workshop.

I loved it and have improved so much with it. I still go back to it and the workbook whenever I need a boost in my client writing workflow!” 

Marijana Kay

And if you’re all, “why trust someone who said ‘ruh-oh’ a second ago? 🤔”...

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And you can always learn more about me here — both the silly and the serious.