About Brittany

You, my dear, are a unicorn. ðŸ¦„

You and your biz are both majestic, ethereal, and every other adjective Leslie Knope would call Ann Perkins.

And most of all? You get shit done.

But is your content as crazy productive as you are?

When it comes to content marketing, the little things count more than you think when it comes to making things happen.

Things like where you place the CTAs in your blog post.

Your voice in the intro.

The order of your subheadings.

How you cross-promote and repurpose it.

The reality is, your content's probably a little bit lazy. I'm here to get it off its ass.

I remix, re-optimize, and re-energize your best content so it starts working smart, just like you do.

Opt-ins? Up.

Search engine traffic? Actually happening, finally!

Shares? Happening whether you're sharing it yourself or not.

Oh, and every time you write a monster post or resource, your marketing calendar practically fills itself with repurposed content afterward.

That's the magic of content remixing. Lemme be your DJ. ðŸ’ðŸ»

I'm Brittany, the content unicorn. 🦄​

I've been running content marketing for startups and small businesses for 7 years. And you know something about startups and small businesses? They don't have a lot of time or money for content marketing.

I had to get pretty damn crafty. ðŸ˜‰

I learned how to squeeze as much as possible out of every word written, every graphic created, and every vid published.

If there was a day I didn't need to create new content, I wasn't going to create new content.

I just kept optimizing and repurposing what I knew already worked until it ran out of steam.

And doing that for 7 years has built me some crazy content productivity.

Now I help unicorn entrepreneurs like you make your content pop and perform better.

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Other things you should know:

  • You'll rarely find a piece of content here without a sitcom or Beyonce reference. You may want to keep Spotify and Netflix handy for when the urges hit. ðŸ˜‰
  • I'm writing to you from NYC and yeah, it's as cool as it seems on TV shows. The apartments are just a lot smaller.
  • My biz productivity is directly related to the softness of my hoodie and leggings and the height of my topknot. ðŸ’ðŸ»
  • I'm the girl to go to when you need to figure out your next Netflix binge or what to put on your "get pumped" playlist.
  • The cute and snarky mugs you see in my Instas have Nesquik or hot cocoa in them, definitely, definitely not tea or coffee. ðŸ˜