For the past decade, content marketers like us have followed a More Cowbell Content strategy.

You know the one... 

Need more sales? Create content. Leads? Create content. Publicity? Create content.

It’s the marketing industry's version of SNL’s More Cowbell sketch. 

more cowbell gif

But you don’t need more content, you need more strategy. *mic drop* 🎤

You already HAVE content. Good content, even!

Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel instead of simply using what you’ve got? 🤔

That’s where I - and Minimalist Content Marketing - come in.

Hey there! I'm Brittany (she/her).

You can call me Bberg if you're feeling fun.

listen up headshot

I’m a strategically lazy content marketer who helps overwhelmed and burnt out marketers stop doing the MOST with their content...

And start using the goldmine of old content they’re sitting on through smart updating, optimizing, and remixing. 

Just call me your content DJ 🎧

Because there’s one thing you need to know about me:

I’m just as lazy as I am smart, strategic, ambitious, and talented. 💁🏻‍♀️

It sounds counterintuitive...but that combination of traits, when used for good and not evil, leads to ridiculous creativity and productivity. ⚡️

I have a knack for simplifying strategies, figuring out the easiest way to get a job done, and finding creative ways to leverage work I’ve already done.

Always have! 🤓

Like in middle school, when I started doing my homework on the bus home from school.

It sounds nerdy (and it was), but I saw 2 big benefits:

  • I’d have more time to watch Mary-Kate and Ashley’s So Little Time when I got home, which was obviously v. important.
  • My friends were all around me listening to burned CDs of music downloaded from Napster in their discmen, in case I had any questions or needed help.

Creative solution, right? 🙃

And when I had my first ankle surgery in high school, I learned to “batch” my trips from downstairs to the kitchen to let my ankle rest...

WITHOUT sacrificing my snacks. 💁🏻‍♀️

My whole life is sprinkled with stories like thinking creatively to get something done faster or more easily. 

recovery productivity hacks

My parents called it laziness, but now I know better:

It’s a powerful combination of creativity and efficiency, and it’s what modern content marketing needs more of.

But I had my own “More Cowbell Content” days too...

My brain might always search for the easiest solution to a problem, but I haven’t always acted on it. 😬

Especially early in my content marketing career, I didn’t trust my own intuition enough and went with what the bosses, gurus, and “best practices” said instead.

When I first fell into content marketing in 2011, all the best practices were about doing the MOST:

Publishing content as frequently as possible.

Making content as long as possible.

Creating as many lead magnets as possible.

I thought I was doing what I was supposed to, but eventually my INTJ brain started questioning things...

Like, what was the point of creating THIS MUCH content?! 

I knew I was contributing to the endless void of content that people would never consume. 🙈

But I didn’t have the metaphorical guts to do anything about it...


big pun blogging

Not until my actual gut started giving me problems (#IBDlife), and minimalist content marketing let me work less and pay more attention to my health.

WITHOUT sacrificing my company’s marketing results.

Let’s flash back... *insert harp music*

Here's how I became the minimalist content marketer...

1990 - Born the same year that Wilson Phillips’ Hold On was Billboard’s #1.

Unrelated to my career, but it’s one of my best karaoke performances, so this still feels significant.

wilson phillips

1999 - “Published” my first piece of writing, a short story about a girl on the Oregon Trail.

It was a school project published by the PTA, with a dysentery diarrhea joke I’m still oddly proud of. 🙃

2002 - Created my first blog on Livejournal to review my favorite music and TV shows.

I took it way too seriously, but also learned HTML, CSS, and how to build a community online.

2008 - Started studying mass communications, journalism, and professional writing in college. I later added a PR focus and media design minor.

Looking back, I basically built my own content marketing major & curriculum before I knew the term existed. 🤓

2010 - Got my first journalism internship in the digital department of a magazine for preteen the height of Bieber Fever. 

I spent more time than I’d like to admit writing about him, but I also got my first taste of professionally creating content and moderating communities to support business goals.

2010 - Started this blog as a way to write about what I was learning in my classes and start building my personal brand as a marketing pro. 

It worked, because…

working at ezanga

2011 - gave me an internship based on said blog, which turned into a part-time then full-time job.

Four years later, I had worked my way up to content marketing supervisor, leading a team of content marketers and writers.

They had a cold but comfy office. 🙃

2015 - Moved from Delaware to NYC to become Head of Content for, one of my favorite marketing tools. I hopped on their rocket ship right as they were scaling from a little-known freemium tool to a thriving enterprise SaaS. 

While there, I managed all inbound strategy and content, led the PR strategy, and helped the marketing team build out the marketing automation program & funnels.

2016 - Lifelong minor illnesses became major, and I had to start finding ways to work less and rest more, without letting my team & our customers down.

Content remixing repeatedly saved the day, and I realized how magical minimalist content marketing really is.

er visit

2017 - Chronic illness won the battle, but not the war. I left full-time work for awhile to focus on my health.

When I came back to work, I focused on freelance writing, content remixing consulting, and running I brought with me a new mindset and lots of new realizations about Hustle Culture, burnout, and overwhelm.

And now here we are...

It took going through serious burnout and multiple chronic illness diagnoses (shout-out to my fellow spoonies! 🥄) to find a new approach to successful content marketing.

If I was gonna keep my marketing career going while managing my illness, I needed an approach to content marketing that got the same results with less time, energy, and overwhelm.

That took advantage of the smartest shortcuts, the ones that *didn’t* cut quality.

And most importantly, an approach that took advantage of all the work I’d ALREADY done.

The hundreds of pieces of content I (and other marketers at the company) had already created.

So I figured out my 5-phase system for minimalist content marketing.

Now I help overwhelmed, burnt out marketers and content creators use this approach in their own marketing to get more results from less content, time, and burnout.

Over the years, my marketing spots have been featured by your favorite industry leaders...

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But I’m more than a marketer…

Growing up watching Friends and Seinfeld convinced me to move to NYC for my twenties.

When I’m not writing from my office nook in the Upper East Side, I’m searching for tickets to musicals or shaking my shit at Broadway Bodies’ dance studio.

(Gonna be in town? Hit me up and I’ll take you to a class!)

My love languages are sitcom quotes (you’ll figure that out fast), personalized playlists, and soft pretzels. 🥨

After my own experiences with chronic illness, mental illness, and burnout, I founded

The digital media company and community helps other former workaholics better balance productivity and self-care.