Like Lady Gaga, I live for the applause.

I may be an introvert, but once you get me going about something I love, good luck getting me to stop. 

So over the (almost) decade I’ve worked in content marketing, I’ve popped up on a lot of podcasts, roundups, and other people’s blogs. Because whether I’m serving advice or karaoke performances, when someone passes me the mic, I don’t let go. 💁🏻‍♀️


I won't give you the whole IMDB-style list, but here's the highlight reel:

I’ve been featured as a top marketer by lots of your favorite blogs...

50 Incredible Women in Marketing to Follow by Search Engine Journal
33 Personal Blogs of Startup Marketers We Love
50 Content Marketing Influencers to Follow by Outbrain
22 Amazing Female Growth Marketers that Genuinely Enjoy Helping Startups Grow well as offering quotes and guest posts whenever I can:

If you’re more of a listener, I’ve shared my advice on your favorite podcasts…

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...and speak at the marketing conferences giving you FOMO.

  • Panelist at Vocus’ 2014 Demand Success marketing conference (topic: results from eZanga’s first year with marketing automation)
  • Speaker at Digital Olympus’ 2017 online conference featuring marketers of marginalized genders (topic: using competitive analysis to find influencers to work with)
  • Speaker at HubSpot’s 2018 INBOUND conference (topic: how to succeed with content marketing without creating anything new)
  • Forget the Funnel 2019 webinar guest (topic: how SaaS marketers can get more results from less content)

Want me to teach & entertain your blog readers, podcast listeners, or conference attendees?

And here's a list of ALL my PR coverage from the past few years (courtesy of a filtered & shareable view of my Content Remix Library 😉)