Automate Your Creative Biz

Say "girl, bye" to your business's biggest time sucks for once and for all 

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You're so busy "maintaining" your creative biz that you don't have time to actually create things.

Influencers say things like "spend more time working on your business than in it," but you're not even sure what that means, let alone whether it's possible. 

You just wanna create awesome things, but you can't until your inbox is at zero, your social media feed is perfectly curated, and you've figured out your calendar for the week.

You either need to rethink how much is on your plate, or start building a team fast - but you're not sure how to afford either of those options. 


You don't need to hire a ton of expensive team members.

You don't need to spend less time writing, designing, developing...creating. You CAN do it all!

It's totally possible to spend tons of time creating courses, writing ebooks, building websites, coaching clients - whatever it is that makes you happy dance - and still have an awesomely organized biz.

Yes, EVEN if it's just you and maybe a part-time VA helping you out.

You just need to become BFFs with workflow automation! 

It's easy to learn, cheap to use, and so, so, so awesome. 

Automate your biz and eliminate hours of work in just 5 days

In this totally free email course, I'll show you how to eliminate some of the biggest, ugliest, time wasters on your to-do list.

You'll get step-by-step instructions to:

Automagically triage your email so inbox zero becomes part of your routine...instead of some magical mystery.

Offload social media conversation starters, so you can focus on what comes after that - the ACTUAL engagement and relationship-building.


Build a to-do list based on other apps so you can spend less time creating your list and more time crossing shit off it.


Automate boring blog admin so you can sit back and focus on creating the actual content - aka what matters.

time management

Eliminate confusing calendar management and endless back-and-forth when trying to schedule things.

Plus daily homework to help you turn information into action, ready-to-go automations for you to customize, and free support in my exclusive Facebook community!