I'm sure it comes as no shock, but the unicorn who dedicated her life to writing words ALSO loves reading them. Books are one of the few things Leslie Knope and I totally disagree on.

Where she runs out of libraries like this:

punk ass book jockeys gif

I am ALL ABOUT that bookworm life!

Growing up, I started my own Babysitter's Club, fell in love with the 20's for no good reason over Gatsby, and was scandalized by Gossip Girl (remember when it was just a book series?!?!). 

My breaks from school were defined by which books I read during them. I went on such a book binge after graduating college, that I read over 300 books in one year and eventually started a book blog! 

But that blog's in the past, and people always ask me what books I recommend NOW.

Here are my answers, enjoy my favorite books, you're very, very welcome. 🙂 

(Note: The following are affiliate links. So if you buy them, I receive a nice lil' commission at no cost to you. I could say something about how I invest that into the site, but tbh I will proooobably just buy more books. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #transparency)

Recent Reads I Recommend

All-Time Faves

(Last updated: December, 2017)

Getting Things Done was one of my first productivity reads and the first time I realized the big impact that organization and productivity can have on your life!

The GTD methodology taught in this book changed the way I do just about everything! Externalizing your memory, processing inboxes, reviews...it's exactly how to put together all those super basic building blocks to a productive life.

Okay, I've been obsessed with making lists since I've known how to do so, in a beautiful Lisa Frank spiral notebook.

But reading The Checklist Manifesto completely justified my life choices and made me realize how important checklists are.

In this book, you read about how checklists have LITERALLY saved lives. Read it if you think they're just for Type A organization nuts like me.

Ann Handley is my queen, and Everybody Writes is the law of my land. In a past job, I even had my interns read this, book-club style, the first week of the program.

If you are creating content for a brand online, you NEED to read it. That is all. 

It's your bible for creating a voice for your brand and mastering ridiculously engaging content.

Can a book be considered a life coach? Asking for a friend...

For real though, I read this recently and am now completely changing my business model and starting a new venture because of it. It pushed me through *months* of feeling stuck and uninspired, and showed me a future for my business I've never been more excited about.

(Let's do this, 2018!)

For that ALONE, you need to read it, but also...ya, it's got good marketing advice. 

Get out of the selfish marketing mindset.

Old school marketing is all about pushing the hard sell on interested strangers through advertising.

But now to win over wallets, you need to "help, not hype." Modern marketing is about being super useful, and Youtility teaches you how help people all the way to the bank.

Fun fact: I listened to this audiobook to distract myself during a root canal. Turns out, as much as I love content marketing, it's not enough to distract me during a root canal.

In college, I took an online media class that would end up impacting my career more than any of my other classes combined.

This was that class's textbook.

Don't Make Me Think is a guide to how people use websites and how those of us running websites can keep everyone else happy.

Fun fact: I was scared of credit cards until I was 26. Another fun fact: that was a few months ago.

I just didn't understand personal finance or trust my own spending enough to feel grown up enough for one.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich is a guide to personal finance for twenty- and thirty-somethings getting started with this shit. 

And it's so motivating that I literally took a reading break to go apply for a credit card in the middle. But in the responsible, "I'm building credit and earning cash back" way, not the "now I shop all the time and am drowning in debt" way!