Download the free content remix worksheet to get a step-by-step workflow for repurposing content

"Repurposing content" is one of those things.

You know, THOSE things.

One of those mythical marketing strategies that everyone talks about, that everyone tells you is going to be magical for your business. But what they don't tell you is HOW to do it, let alone in a way that's strategic.

(Spoiler alert: the "republish everything everywhere" repurposing approach IS NOT strategic.)

That's what this remix worksheet is for.

The content remix planning worksheet takes you through creating a repurposing plan step-by-step.

FINALLY get answers to your content repurposing questions, the ones like:

  • What content should you try to repurpose?
  • How and where should you repurpose it?
  • What changes do you need to make to the content?
  • How should you promote repurposed content?

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