Repurpose With Purpose

Plan your content repurposing strategy with this free workbook, and find new customers from old content

Repurposing content is one of the best ways to work smarter and save time as a marketer....

You probably already know that.

But like anything else, it only pays off when you do it strategically.

And way too many marketers spend too much time repurposing content that wasn't strategic enough in the first place.

So what good does amplifying that content even do? 🤔

To help you avoid making that mistake, this free workbook will help you think more strategically about your content repurposing and plan your first remixing project!

I'll walk you through the questions you need to answer to repurpoose content with purpose, like:

  • What content should you try to repurpose?
  • How and where should you repurpose it?
  • What changes do you need to make to the content?
  • How should you promote repurposed content?

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