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  • Keep yourself from going off on tangents in your email and social media copy

Does your content planning stop at your editorial calendar?

Awesome content - amazing blog posts, emails, videos, and more - can get complicated. 

If the only planning you do is working headlines and topics on your editorial calendar, you might still be diving into content creation too unprepared.

THAT'S why your empty Google Doc feels so overwhelming.

Why writing a short post can end up taking you forever.

Why your emails seems to go off on so many random tangents.

Sound familiar? No prob!
You can still be a majestic, unicorn content just need a better plan!

Here's what people have said about creating content after using my skeleton planning worksheet:

I didn't feel like I was a writer. I thought I was doing writing wrong - since I don't have that ability to just sit and write a whole post in a free-flow style.

Your advice has unlocked my inner writer - finally! 

Thank you SO much for teaching me a method that gets me consistent, amazing content, and that allows me to be the writer I've always been!

tiffany headshot

Tiffany Rose

Content Creator, Cherry Fizz

I had always used a pretty similar structure when writing posts for myself or my clients. But after getting your content skeleton, I added the content mission to my own template.

And dang, does that help! 

I'm a rambler and I tend to go on tangents and suddenly find myself saying 'what the heck was my point?!' This has helped me stay on track and make my posts more cohesive.

kayli headshot

Kayli Barth

Content Strategist, The Freelance Hustle

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