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Sick of staring at blinking cursors in blank Google Docs?

I know, it's *the wo-o-o-oooorst* ("Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, where'd you come from?!") But when you have an amazing content planning process, your blog posts write themselves. 😮

With the Confident Content Workbook, I walk you through breaking down those big, overwhelming pieces of content you know you need to knock out.

And we'll break 'em into pieces so small, so easy, and so painless, you don't even realize how much writing you're getting done! 🎉

confident content workbook


Any of this sound familiar? 🤔


  • Every new blog post, email, or landing page on your to-do list causes massive dread, so you like to pretend they don't exist until they day you have to write them. 🙈

  • You spend more time tweaking your words, rearranging paragraphs, and doubting yourself than actually writing new content. 📝

  • No matter how many times you slog through the process and press "publish," writing content for your biz NEVER gets any easier. 😂

Ohhhh yeah, that sucks pretty hard.

But I have good news!

The problem isn't you, your writing skills, or your business. It's not happening because you're "not a writer" or because your ideas are bad.

You're just trying to drive to your destination without a map.

And as someone with a horrible sense of direction, I can tell you from experience that's a fantastic way to get lost. 😝

This is the content creation map you've needed the whole time!

I'm walking you through each and every step to creating content - turn-by-turn navigation, if you will. 😉

Because opening a blank Google Doc and trying to just spin up magical words from scratch is a pretty big project, even for full-time, experienced content creators like me. 

I don't even do that!

Instead, I use the exact process in this workbook basically every day - for myself AND for all my content marketing clients. Literally all of 'em!

This workbook's process is the only way I'm able to write so much great content so easily.

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