Colorful B2B Content Marketing

Content is sexy, and most marketers think they need more of it. After all, who doesn't want more traffic, more leads, and more business?

But the point of content marketing isn't to CREATE content, it's to USE it.

Hi there! I'm Brittany (Bberg), and I help you get new content marketing results from content you've ALREADY created. 🙌

You know how you have an entire library of content on your company's blog that your team worked SO hard on, but the only ones that still get results are your most recent one and a handful of hits?

It’s like you’re S Club 7 and the only song anyone cares about is S Club Party, when you KNOW you have a *ton* of other jammin hits.

I help you escape the one-hit wonder-dom of content marketing and bring your old content back to life so you can more consistently build your brand, fill your funnel, and take 90’s and 00’s dance breaks. 

You’re a smart marketer. I don’t need to tell you why content marketing rocks. You know content can totally change the game for your business.

But here's the thing: creating content and using content aren't the same thing. And guess which one gets results?

Weekly blog posts and YouTube videos mean nothing if you're not actually making sure your target audience sees them. The most helpful and in-depth blog post ever is still useless to you if it's never influenced a customer. 

Luckily, I'm ah-mah-zing at finding smart ways to be lazy! 💁🏻

That means I can spot marketing time wasters and inefficiencies from a mile away, and squeeze as much value as possible out of each project or piece of content created.

When we work together, we'll change your whole approach to content marketing so that you can jump off the content creation hamster wheel and focus on results.

Why Me as Your Content Marketing Strategist?

Since 2011, I’ve written hundreds (oy - maybe thousands?) of blog posts, email campaigns, and lead magnets that turn strangers into customers.

I’m certified in inbound marketing, and my writing has been published on The Next Web, HubSpot, Social Media Examiner, and Unbounce.

I also spent 3 years as the head of content marketing for a B2B startup.

So I don’t just empathize with your problems, I’ve been there myself – making it that much easier to help you solve them.

For example, I know what it's like to put out tons of content only to see a few pieces take off and actually help your business.

Frustrating. As. Hell.

But pressing publish on a piece of content isn't the end of the game. I'll help you create a content marketing process for your startup that uses every piece of content created in a way that consistently generates leads, shares, or whatever it is you're working for.

And yes, if you do need more content, I'll write more content.

I'm a writer by nature with a loud voice and a bold personality, and if your strategy needs blog post creation, that's what I'll give you.

But 99% of the time, that's not the problem, and I'll help you figure out what is.

Content Marketing Topics

Like any writer, I can research to write about unfamiliar topics and niches and adjust my tone to fit any brand. But I specialize in B2B content, particularly SaaS startups and small businesses.

Here are some of the industries and topics I write about a lot:

  • Content marketing
  • Writing
  • Startups & SaaS industry
  • Business technology
  • Freelancing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity
  • Personal development