Colorful B2B Content Marketing

Let’s get you off the constant content hamster wheel and get you started with content remixing

Here’s how we can work together on creating a more minimalist content marketing strategy for your business.

You're no content marketing newbie. In fact, your company's been creating content for a hot minute. But now, that's EXACTLY your problem.

Because you upped the speed on that content treadmill of yours too fast, and now you can't keep up with the cardio. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You and your team are overwhelmed and burnt out trying to keep up with new content creation, PLUS promote and maintain all the content you’ve already created months and years ago.

You know it’s still good - or could be...

You know you could update, optimize, and repurpose it.

But it keeps falling through the cracks since you’re so busy pumping out more content. Every week - new blog posts, new videos, new emails, new social posts.

And every time you go to plan a launch or campaign, you end up with a huge list of EVEN MORE stuff to create, even though you have so much already.

Meanwhile, all the content you’ve created in the past is just sitting in your archives going stale, earning less traffic and fewer conversions each month.

Aaaah, it just keeps going and going!

With your to-do list as a marketer constantly getting longer, no wonder you’re burnt out.

But there's a Tiny Tim Gunn in the back of your head telling you there's a way to "make it work." Telling you OF COURSE there's a way to update, optimize, or repurpose what you have instead of creating something new. 

make it work

But the whirr of the constant content treadmill overpowers Tiny Tim Gunn's voice.

Luckily for you, I’m louder than both. 💁🏻‍♀️

So let’s have a content remixing jam sesh so you can hop off the content treadmill, find a more enjoyable workout, and start getting more success from less content.

​The Content Remixing Process

Content remixing is my method of content marketing that focuses on three rules:

  1. Focus on using content, not just creating it.
  2. Create just as much content as you need, then step back and let it work.
  3. Always look for ways to remix and remaster your greatest hits, like any good pop legend or diva worth their salt would.

And generally has five steps:

  1. Nail down your goals and priorities to make sure your content marketing aligns with the rest of your business
  2. Take stock of what you’ve already got with a content audit
  3. Find your best content remixing opportunities
  4. Create a new, minimalist content marketing calendar (your new album’s tracklist)
  5. Rock your remixing

With your own minimalist content marketing strategy, your content works smarter, your sales get consistent, and your burnout goes buh-bye!

Sounds good, right? Well, there are a few ways we can work together.

Pick your content chill pill:

Hold a content jam sesh

Perfect for marketers so overwhelmed they don’t even know what their problem is...

On this 1-hour call, we’ll go through your business plan and existing content to brainstorm and prioritize ways to optimize it to work smarter for you.

Order a remix report

Discover the new opportunities hiding in your old content.

As the fastest way to work with me, with this audit you’ll receive a custom content plan taking advantage of the greatest hits, hidden gems, and forgotten favorites in your content archives.

Book studio time for remixing

Rent a remixer (meee!) to help you repurpose your greatest hits and optimize your one-hit wonders.

When you know what you need, this lets you hand it over to a content marketer with a decade of experience.

Why Me as Your Content Marketing Strategist?

Since 2011, I’ve written hundreds (oy - maybe thousands?) of blog posts, email campaigns, and lead magnets that turn strangers into customers.

I’m certified in inbound marketing, and my writing has been published on The Next Web, HubSpot, Social Media Examiner, and Unbounce.

I also spent 3 years as the head of content marketing for a B2B startup.

So I don’t just empathize with your problems, I’ve been there myself – making it that much easier to help you solve them.

For example, I know what it's like to put out tons of content only to see a few pieces take off and actually help your business.

Frustrating. As. Hell.

But pressing publish on a piece of content isn't the end of the game. I'll help you create a content marketing process for your startup that uses every piece of content created in a way that consistently generates leads, shares, or whatever it is you're working for.

And yes, if you do need more content, I'll write more content.

I'm a writer by nature with a loud voice and a bold personality, and if your strategy needs blog post creation, that's what I'll give you.

But 99% of the time, that's not the problem, and I'll help you figure out what is.