Colorful B2B Content Marketing

Heyo! A quick note: I'm currently booked out with content creation clients. If you're interested in help with strategy instead, keep reading!

Content is sexy, and all marketers want more of it. After all, who doesn't want more traffic, more leads, and more business?

Hi there! I'm Brittany (Bberg), and I help you create content for marketing with personality.

You’re a smart marketer. I don’t need to tell you why content marketing rocks.

You know content can totally change the game for your business.

One great blog post, email drip campaign, or ebook can generate leads for months and years to come. It’ll bring you more business for less money – but only when it’s done right.

And there’s the rub. Because you’re busy, and content strategy takes work. A lot of it. But don’t worry, you can get help.

Luckily, content marketing is my jam.

For the past 7 years, I’ve helped B2B businesses craft and share content that connects.

Too often, B2B content gets weighed down with business jargon, buzzwords, and sales speak. The “B”s in B2B might as well stand for boring. But not with me.

Hire me as your freelance content marketer to create content that’s as engaging as it is educational and put it front of your perfect customers.

The Content You Need

Content - hell, even well-written content - isn't enough anymore. Sucks, doesn't it?

You need content that does more. It needs to:​

  • ​Solve your customer's problems
  • Bring new leads into your inbound marketing funnel
  • Drive viewers to share and tweet

How I Can Help

In-depth blog posts and ghostwritten thought leadership

Email campaigns, newsletters, and workflows

Content upgrades, lead magnets, and other offers

This content won’t be that dry, over-optimized stuff other marketers might give you.

It’ll be as optimized for entertainment as it is for SEO, sharing, and conversions. The content will be easy to read and conversational, so you can start building real connections with your audience.

Not only that, I’ll craft and execute distribution and outreach strategies that go beyond a few tweets and Facebook shares. 

We’ll figure out where your customers hang out and make it your new water cooler.

Why Me as Your Content Writer?

Since 2011, I’ve written hundreds (oy - maybe thousands?) of blog posts, email campaigns, and lead magnets that turn strangers into customers.

I’m certified in inbound marketing, and my writing has been published on The Next Web, HubSpot, Social Media Examiner, and Unbounce.

I also spent 3 years as the head of content marketing for a B2B startup.

So I don’t just empathize with your problems, I’ve been there myself – making it that much easier to help you solve them.

Content Marketing Topics

Like any writer, I can research to write about unfamiliar topics and niches and adjust my tone to fit any brand. But I specialize in B2B content, particularly SaaS startups and small businesses.

Here are some of the industries and topics I write about a lot:

  • Content marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Public relations
  • Writing
  • Freelancing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity
  • WordPress

Let's Get Started!

Right now my writing roster is booked out, so I'm currently only taking on clients for one-hour content strategy jam sessions starting at $249/hour.

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