Book a Jam Sesh

You say you'd remix and repurpose more if you only had the resources. Now you do.

You're no content marketing newbie. In fact, your company's been creating content for a hot minute. But now, that's exactly your problem.

Because you increased the speed on the content treadmill too fast, and now you can't keep up.

Your team is overwhelmed trying to keep up with new content creation, plus promote and maintain the stuff they've already done. Maintenance and optimization falls through the cracks, but you just keep pumping out more content.

Every week - new blog posts, new videos, new emails, new social posts.

And every time you go to plan a launch or campaign, you end up with a huge list of EVEN MORE stuff to create, even though you have so much already.

Meanwhile, all the work you've done in the past is just sitting in your archives going stale, earning less traffic and fewer conversions each month.

But there's a Tiny Tim Gunn in the back of your head telling you there's a way to "make it work."

tim gunn make it work gif

Telling you of course there's a way to update, optimize, or repurpose what you have instead of creating something new, but the whirr of the constant content treadmill overpowers Tiny Tim Gunn's voice.

So you still have no idea which content's REALLY working and which stuff isn't, let alone how to optimize and repurpose it all strategically.

STOP! Let me help you remix it!

Let's have a content jam sesh!

Content jam sessions are a half-day consulting intensive where I'll create a minimalist content marketing plan for your business.

First we start with a strategy call, then I'll get nerdy and dig into your processes and workflow for the rest of the sesh. I'll find ways to simplify your workload and make your content more effective, create a plan to get more results from what's already working, and show you how to fix or optimize what isn't.

FINALLY! You'll be able to hop off the more content treadmill and get your cardio elsewhere. (May I suggest a dance class?)

This is for you if...

  • You're the head of marketing, content, or lead gen at a fast-growing startup, and your team is burning themselves out trying to keep up with all your content goals.
  • You're a CEO or founder who doesn't have a full-time marketing team, so you need to make the most of what past employees & freelancers created in the past.
  • You're a solopreneur and know that content and marketing can't take up your whole day, since you have the rest of the business to run, too.
  • You're not new to content marketing and have the blog archives to prove it, you just can't seem to find the content sweet spot you need right now.
  • You've been so focused on creating new content to find new leads, that you let your existing email subscribers go stale and your search rankings drop off page 1.
  • You have the time or a team to support your new minimalist content strategy long-term. I can get you started, even come in and consult monthly or quarterly, but you need resources to make it reality.

Example projects we can jam on

Jam sessions last 3 hours, including our quick strategy call at the beginning of the session.

They're customized to your business based on your current goals and existing content, but here are a few examples of what we can do:

  • Create a plan to update and optimize your existing website content to help meet your current SEO and visibility goals
  • Map out an automated email sequence that uses your existing content to create more consistent sales
  • Prioritize what content you should be repurposing for which channels and build up a remixed content library
  • Build a new content creation and marketing workflow for your team that helps you optimize & repurpose as they go

How it works

  • Fill out the form below to receive a custom booking link.
  • Use that link pay your $500 invoice and reserve your spot. Once you do, you'll receive a link to schedule your jam sesh.
  • The week before your session, I'll be in touch about gaining access to your marketing and content analytics for your blog, email, etc.
  • On the day of your content jam sesh, we'll start with a 30-minute kickoff call to get on the same page with your content strategy.
  • I'll spend the rest of the intensive reviewing your current assets and identifying what needs to be changed. Depending on your goals, this could mean digging into your website analytics, old blog posts, email sequence stats, etc.
  • Up to 2 days after the intensive, you'll receive a written report summarizing your content needs and detailing which pieces of content to prioritize updating and remixing for your future strategy.
  • I'll also include a video walking you through the report and some recommended next steps.
  • This info will be formatted so that it's easy to hand off to a marketing employee or virtual assistant to pick up where I've left off!
  • You and/or your team will have email access to me for 30 days for any follow-up questions as you start updating your content, along with invitations to my private FB group for ongoing questions and live trainings.

Jam sessions are 3-hours long and cost $500 per jam. You can book one to start with, or monthly or quarterly sessions for regular check-ups.