First Published: August 21, 2019

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The Gist: How do you build a content marketing strategy for a content marketer marketing to content marketers? Here's how I'm approaching it myself!

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If you’re as nosey as I am when it comes to business and content marketing strategies, I have a tiny, snack-sized treat for you today.

Like a content marketing cupcake sandwich. 🙃

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The Backstory

Earlier this summer I reread Show Your Work by Austin Kleon and had a great aha moment around my content strategy for this website and business.

So in the spirit of showing my work, I want to share some of these ideas & the thought process behind them with you. 

Before I dive in, keep in mind something important throughout the post:

This is not necessarily how I recommend YOU repurpose content. Every business has unique problems, and need unique content strategies to solve them. That’s why I’m sharing the thought process and not just the final product.

(And if you want my thought process on using content for YOUR situation, that'll take working with me. 😉)

How a content marketer uses content marketing to attract content marketing customers:

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My Own Minimalist Content Strategy

Okay! So.

I’ve always been in a unique situation when it comes to creating content for this website.

In that despite how much content I create, this site has never been my primary publishing outlet, and I don’t think it ever will be.

When I had a day job and was first building my personal brand as a content marketer, I didn’t need to use this freelancing & consulting site to house content.

All the things I could write about here to help me get clients…I was already writing about at my day job, which had a way larger audience that (and here's the key part) already included my ideal clients.

It really didn’t make sense to “save” certain ideas for this other website that wouldn’t rank in Google and get found as easily.

(That’s actually why I originally started Work Brighter — as a way to develop and showcase my skills in a new way around a new topic, as an example for potential clients to look at. I never intended it to be a “real” business like it is today!)

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Then, by the time I was in this business “full-time”(ish), it still didn’t make sense to prioritize new content on this domain.

At that point, bylines from client work, guest blogging, and PR were doing the job that it would normally fill:

  • Those bylines were crushing it in search engines, so people were still finding my advice and teachings through search.
  • Through those bylines, people ended up on this site or my social media channels.
  • From there, they’d follow me or join my email list, stick around for awhile, and maybe become a customer or client.

So without much dedicated content for this site, my sales funnel was still full (again, please remember that this is my unique case, and not “advice” for what you should do).

I did still want to create new content, so I started a YouTube channel instead. And it was fun! I loved having a new way to express my personality and style through content.

brittany berger youtube channel

But video is HARD for me.

On camera, you have to turn your personality up louder than normal, and I’m so loud to begin with. 🙃

The thing that helps the most in making it less draining? Talking about ideas I’ve already got down on lock.

Aka things I’ve written about in the past and can just repurpose for video.

(This is part of the PR for introverts strategy I shared on the Marketing Personalities podcast.)

So when I start making videos again, they’ll focus way more on content I’ve already created and can resurface from old day jobs, collaborations, and clients.

The same is going to be true of the emails I send out.

Because one of the big things I struggle with around creating new content is, there’s so little I have to say I HAVEN’T already said before after a decade writing about content marketing.

And it’s against the exact method I teach to repeat myself.

So much so, that this blog isn’t even going to be a main focus when I launch a new website later this year.

Instead, I’m more focused on turning it into an overall hub for the content I create elsewhere. (For example, see how many links I have in this post to guest posts and PR interviews?)

How will I turn a blog into a hub? Idk. That’s for a developer to figure out, thankfully. 🙃

But rule #2 of minimalist content marketing is to create the content you need, then focus on making it work.

That’s where I’m at with this brand right now.

My focus should be on making it easy for my current people (aka youuuu!) to find the stuff I’ve said/created/done in the past.

And the new video, email, and website strategy is part of how I’ll do that.

Unique problem, meet unique solution. 👋

Since you might notice my emails and blog posts changing, I thought it’d be the perfect topic to go behind-the-scenes on.

What else would you wanna know about this? I may do a short video on this too (now that I’ve worked out the idea through writing 😉), so tweet me if you have a question.

Plan your perfect repurposing strategy

Download my free content repurposing planning worksheet to figure out the most strategic and intentional way to reuse and recycle your content.

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