Just Checking In: Goodbye December, Hello January

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Just Checking In

Just Checking In is a feature on the blog where I’ll pop in to share what I’ve been working on and the progress I’m making towards my goals. Accountability, baby!

It’s officially winter and as predicted, I rarely leave the house. Spending 10 minutes bundling up only to frantically unbundle the second you get on the subway, bundling back up when you get to your stop, and then walking to my final destination just feels like so much wasted time. Friends, loved ones, I’ll see you in the spring. 😛

And frankly, I’ve been feeling a bit of burnout anyway. I’ve been trying to spend more time at home detoxing and unplugging versus constantly working. I feel a little better, well enough to get back into things and ease myself back up to the pace I’d like to be working at.

But if I learned one thing from 2015 and the 6 months of constant health issues that it brought, it’s that overworking is bad. Yeah, it was something I needed to learn the hard way. A few times. But I think this time it stuck.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve been having a hard time coming up with my three words for this year. Seeing as how one major goal is to accomplish more outside of my day job, and the other is not to overwork myself, I’m still working on coming up with something that’s not too contradictory. Hopefully they’ll be posted soon!

In December, I:

  • Launched my first paid product. On my book blog, I made my first foray into passive income with a book review planner. The launch was small, and I didn’t really do anything but a 3 emails and a blog post, but it still went better than I’d expected and responses from customers have been so great for getting me through this funk. Such an amazing feeling!
  • Learned how to turn this blog into a business. I mentioned last month that I bought a lot of courses and stuff on Cyber Weekend since I’d had a good month freelancing – plus, all of the overwhelm. I’m trying to take my time with them, especially since I won’t be buying any others for a very long time. But right now I’m doing lessons here and there for Pinfinite Growth, Create. Profit. Party. Live, and the 30 Day Listbuilding Challenge (which is actually free).
  • Traveled a lot. My boyfriend and I went on 2 trips in 2 weeks towards the end of the month. We went to the Poconos for his birthday, to the cutest lodge that reminded me of the one in White Christmas. Then the Monday before New Year’s, we booked a trip to San Diego leaving Wednesday. Maybe the biggest / most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done? Probably. It was gorgeous there, and a quiet New Year’s with him watching Friends was exactly what I needed. 🙂

In January, I’ll:

  • Stop procrastinating ecourse content. Although I’m not sure ‘procrastinating’ is the right word, I won’t dwell on it. I want this course done. I’m constantly coming up with new ideas for lessons and bonuses and features, I just need to actually create them.
  • Ease back into freelancing. When my health issues got bad towards the end of the year, I stopped most freelance writing. Now that the medical bills from those months are arriving, it’s time to get started again.
  • Release my second paid product. Since it’s taking awhile to get this bigger course completed, I’m really happy with my decision to spend a weekend hardcore planning several small products to do small launches for on my book blog. It’s bringing in some income while I write longer content, and I feel like these smaller launches are helping me get used to planning a product launch around my day job. I have the second product ready and live, but I need to create a landing page and “launch” it.

Things I Wrote:

So, what’s up with you? Share an update or a link to your own wrap-up in the comments. 🙂