Just Checking In: Bye Bye May, Hellooo June

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Just Checking In

Just Checking In is a feature on the blog where I’ll pop in to share what I’ve been working on and the progress I’m making towards my goals. Accountability, baby!

WTF, where did this year go?! How is it June?

It was so weird to realize last month that I’ve been at my job and in New York City for over a year! And I still haven’t seen most of my friends that also live here because my apartment is comfy and has internet. Oooops.

But I do go out and do things! Still, most of the time I stay in and do things. This blog and business is proof. 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been up to.

In May, I:

Ready for #BEA16 and #bloggercon!

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  • Went to Book Expo America. I went to speak at BloggerCon and get my book nerd on in Chicago. You can read my full recap on Book Bumblings. The highlights: teaching book bloggers how to monetize their blogs, seeing Kenny Loggins perform Footloose live (!!!), and meeting Sylvia Day.


NBD, just saw Kenny Loggins perform Footloose live at #bea16

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  • Invested in this site – MAJORLY. I enrolled in Launch Your Signature Corse at the last minute and I think it might have been the biggest leap – and definitely the biggest investment – I’ve made in my business so far. I’ve loved it so much! I’ve re-worked the course structure, joined an accountability group with other people in the course, and written content for the phases that come before actually creating the course. And I have motivation out the wah-zoo.
  • Got the flu. I didn’t do much else the last 10 days of the month, and this is why. I don’t think I’d ever had it as an adult. I thought I did, but after experiencing how much worse this was, I might have just been a baby back then haha. Oh, man was it awful. I realized the huge difference between staying in the apartment for the week and working on a thousand different things, and staying in for a week and laying there. Multitasking really distracts you from going stir crazy.

In June, I’ll:

  • Go back to my alma mater. Actually, this already happened, but it was June, so… I went back to Delaware for alumni weekend! It felt weird to be back there, really. But Mug Night was fun, and I had BWW chicken tenders with some of my favorite people ever, just like the good ole days. 😛
  • See Chris Hardwick! Ah! Tomorrow my sister is coming up to the city to see him with me – we’ve been trying to go together for a few years now and this fell together perfectly at the last minute. Plus she never visits me, and it’s getting her up here! 🙂
  • Werk. As always. Now that I really have a roadmap for creating my course, I don’t doubt it’ll get done. My health is improving as my chronic illness (hopefully) goes back into remission, too, so that should mean my energy improves and I can work a bit more and won’t be so tired and lazy all the time.

What I Wrote:

What I Read:

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So what have you been up to?

  • Aww thanks so much for including me in your round-up!!! I love seeing the other projects you’ve worked on and hearing about your life as well 🙂 I went to BEA two years ago back when I was a book blogger and it was AWESOME!

    • Ah I didn’t know you were a book blogger! Such a small blogging world. 🙂 I’m bummed that in the 2 years I’ve gone, it’s ended up being “part-time” each year so I feel like I haven’t had the full effect!

  • Benjamin Brandall

    Thanks for including me here! The Just Checking In feature is a great idea. I need to start something similar, otherwise my poor blog won’t get the attention it deserves after I spent so long learning CSS and creating a ridiculous theme for it!

    Thanks for the inspiration

    • Haha thanks! Can’t wait to read your future updates 🙂