Just Checking In: Bye Bye July, Hellooo August

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Just Checking In

Just Checking In is a feature on the blog where I’ll pop in to share what I’ve been working on and the progress I’m making towards my goals. Accountability, baby!

Where did summer go?

I can’t believe August (launch month!!!) is here! Yiiiikes, dude.

July was…well, it was.

The good news:

My freelancing biz had its best month yet. The amount I expected to make for the whole month? Which I was still happy with? I pretty much made that per week – all through really perfect, last-minute opportunities. What? what. what? I’m loooving some of my latest pieces and the clients I’ve been working with most. Yay!

The bad news:

I made more, but I worked a lot less. I just could not get it together this month. I had two procedures done, a massive dehydration spell, and a casual day in the ER. I was sick the last three weeks of the month, was able to work a bit the second and fourth week, but was basically out of commission the third.

You might wonder why I’m getting so personal (or not…I do get personal a lot).

But this has been driving and influencing my business for so long that I feel like they’re one in the same. And going through a year of constant sickness does tend to lead to a lot of professional and personal realizations I want to share.

The whole thing made me so grateful for my side hustle, especially when the bills came.

But it also made me do a reality check.

Building a 10-module premium course right now, on top of all this and a day job? I may have her outfit, but I’m not actually Wonder Woman.

So I decided to make some changes. A pivot, if you will.


I took the content I’d finished so far for that premium course and built a separate, smaller course around it: Build Your Own VA.

It’s more realistic, and it actually makes perfect sense. Let the Robots Run Your Business was always an advanced course with an intro section. Separating out the intro material lets you dip your toe into automation before going all in.

It’s better for me and my future students, and I love that so much.

So I actually wouldn’t call this a bad month. I spent a ton of time with my family, my business did extremely well, and I have way more clarity than before. It just would’ve been nice if that stuff happened without the sick part. 😉

So now for the high points:

In July, I:

Went to the beach

I went on a week-long family vacation to Ocean City, MD. I didn’t spend much time on the beach, but I caught up with one of my favorite past coworkers, majorly bonded with the family dog, and got to at least smell the salt water most of the time. 🙂

Built my course site

Just in case my health craps out again, there are a few course things I wanted to get out of the way first. Like the first module and launch stuff, so at the very least I’m already prepared to launch and can drip the course content out over a few weeks.

So my first big project was the Build Your Own VA sales page. It took a ton of time and pulled out hairs, but I freaking love it now! It…might be one of my favorite things I’ve written? Let me know what you think!

Prepped my first giveaway

I’ve never done a giveaway here before, despite doing giveaways a lot on my book blog. On a whim last Wednesday, I decided to start brainstorming for one. By Thursday, I had people donating prizes. By Friday, planning was pretty much done! Who am I?

The giveaway for $600+ of productivity resources started yesterday and runs until the 14th. Enter for your chance to win now!

In August, I’ll:

Launch my course!

Build Your Own VA will go on sale August 22. No matter what. Like I said before, I’ve learned my lessons.

I’m creating the course materials in a crazy random order in order to be able to launch a minimum of one module and all of the marketing materials on that day. If I can launch all the modules then, awesome, but I’ll be listening to my health and my body for once.

See The Go-Go’s in Central Park

I have loved, loved, loved The Go-Go’s for most of my life. They’ve been on my “bands to see live” list for about a decade, and if the music landscape this year has taught me something, it’s see the musicians you love while you can! Prince was on that list too. 🙁

So when I heard about The Go-Go’s farewell tour, I bought four tickets. Still don’t know who I’m going with, I may sell 3 and go myself. I just wanna see Belinda! I got the beat, I got the beat, I got the beat, hey!

Go back to dance

Obviously, since I haven’t been out of bed in a while, I also haven’t been to dance in awhile. I miss it! I already missed out on a month of Beyonce classes and a Whitney Houston class. Waaaah!

One of this months themes is “The Diva Series,” so I have to get my butt there! As per usual, here’s me showing off my moves:

Also as per usual, mind throwing me a vote for their Shame Free Superstar Awards this fall? I’m up for social media superstar!

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So what have you been up to?

  • Emily McGee

    Sorry you’ve had a rough month with illness, but I will say your freelancing success in July is super inspirational. It’s also awesome to hear that you decided to scale back on the premium course so you have time and energy to take care of yourself. I’m in the same boat, in the process of a blog pivot and making an intentional decision about when to launch my first product (not ’til 2017). It’s so reassuring to know I’m not alone in finding that work-life balance.

    • Hi Emily, thank you! You’re definitely not alone. The past year has been me making small changes to the course a few at a time to make it more manageable. I finally got real with myself and admitted more than a small tweak was needed and I couldn’t give my students wha they deserved otherwise. Good luck with your own pivots!

  • Raelyn Tan Xin Hui

    Thanks for the mention, Brittany. Just scheduled some of your stuff to be pinned (;