Just Checking In: Bye Bye June, Hellooo July

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Just Checking In

Just Checking In is a feature on the blog where I’ll pop in to share what I’ve been working on and the progress I’m making towards my goals. Accountability, baby!

Hooooly crap. Hello, second half of the year. That’s crazy.

I feel like June flew by really fast. That probably has to do with the amount of time I felt sick, so it’s not like I did much or went many places. My energy has been totally zapped and I was trying some new meds (that I’m now thankfully done with) that had some sucky side effects.

I’ve enjoyed the weather a bit, but up until the past week or so it was still so inconsistent and unpredictable here. Hope it summers up and stays that way!

Also, I’m ready to publicly admit it: I’m back on board with Snapchat. Like, fully.

Haha I became so disenchanted with it back in the day that I was really hesitant to start using it again. I downloaded it again but didn’t open it for weeks. Then for another month or two I watched stuff but didn’t snap.

Now I’m all in y’all. Follow me at bberg1010. 😉

YouDee! #udaw

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In June, I:

Celebrated University of Delaware

Alex and I went back to Newark for Alumni Weekend, and it was our first time in the state since I moved to NY. We got to hang out with his fraternity brothers at Mug Night and my old coworkers at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Plus I did a ton of tax-free shopping at Target, including my new favorite shirt in 3 different colors, so I deem the weekend a success.

Did summer stuff

So I have done a few fun seasonal things. Last weekend, two of my best friends and I tagged along with Alex to the beach his family goes to/lives at for the day. I walk home from work along the East River. I sit outside and outline my course and client work. As Aaron Burr says in Hamilton, “there’s nothing like summer in the city.” 😉

Wrote blogs posts like whoa

Even though I only published two here, I wrote a crapton of posts in June. Client work, my upcoming guest posts for Freelance to Freedom Project, and content I want to save for guest outlets or my launch period. I think in total, I wrote 10 posts that weren’t for either Mention or Book Bumblings.

Felt the love from my dance studio

My dance studio, Broadway Bodies, is such a unique place. I’ve told you about it before. They have parties to celebrate new Beyonce albums and support groups for those of us that haven’t seen Hamilton. But most importantly, it’s a group of shame-free superstars that celebrate each other.

So finding out that one of my classmates nominated me for a Broadway Bodies award gave me warm fuzzies that left me feeling high for days.

I’m up for the social media superstar award, probably for tweet storms like this one (you may need to click through for the whole thread):

Voting’s open all summer and you can submit the form as many times as you want, so mind throwing me a few votes? 🙂

As a thank you, here’s the video from the last class I went to! I’m the girl in the patterned leggings and who is, frankly, slaying it that day . 😛

(PS – now when I check into classes, people say “congrats on your nom” and I feel soooo fancy lol)

In July, I’ll:

Head to the beach

Later this week I’m headed home to go to Ocean City, MD with my family. I’ll be able to spend a few days totally enjoying the beach and a few days working remotely, making it possible to spend the whole week with the Bergers. 🙂

Start course promotion

I’ve been talking about my course for awhile, but not actually promoting/selling it. Health permitting (I’m already a bit behind on my to-do list), I’m hoping to start selling next month but keep the launch somewhat small & manageable. (It’s evergreen, so I’ve got time 🙂 .) That means this month I’ve started ramping up blogging, course creation, and list building.

I have a bunch of guest posts going live soon and some other partnerships in the works that I’m excited to explore. 🙂

Focus on thinking healthy

Earlier today, I realized it’s been about a year since I first went to the doctor for my stomach issues. Ugh.

It was last year’s family beach vacation when my sister noticed my symptoms and bathroom habits. By the end of the weekend, her and my mom had scared me into making a doctor’s appointment and I was paranoid about having irritable bowel syndrome. (Sidebar: omg, I wish it was just IBS! Funny how feelings change, isn’t it?)

Noticing how long I’ve been suffering through this – this is still my first flare – was eye-opening. I’ve made so many lifestyle changes, been through so many procedures and samples and treatments, tried so many medications. But the one area I’ve been severely lacking in when it comes to treating my ulcerative colitis is in taking more general care of myself.

Sleep and stress are both big factors in the illness, and they’ve both always kind of been my vices. I always either sleep too much or too little, and I have the kind of brain where if I can’t find something legitimate to stress and worry about, it’ll just make something up.

Starting now, I need to start focusing more on that.

What I Wrote:

I’m also on the Featured Writers page over at Freelance to Freedom Project, with my first post going up next week!

What I Read:

These are some of my favorite links from the past month’s Work Brighter emails. Want them weekly instead of monthly? Sign up here.

  • Why Don’t We Celebrate Our Wins? I love this post by Jess Lawlor about how some solopreneurs react to success. Ladies, we need to celebrate our wins! I’m always looking for a reason to eat chocolate or go sing karaoke or (for smaller wins) take a nap, so I’m actually pretty good at making sure to do this. Actually, I celebrate a lot that I probably shouldn’t bother with. But how do you reward yourself?
  • How to Click Photos for Your Blog Using Your iPhone’s Camera My mom let me “long-term borrow” her DSLR awhile back, but honestly, it overwhelms me too much to pick up much. While I love the idea of learning the ins and outs of DSLR photography in theory, now is just not the time. Since they say the best camera’s the one you’ll use, I’m brushing up on “iPhoneography” tips like these from PinkPot Design Studio.
  • 3 Ways to Be More Productive When You Sit Down to Write As a freelance writer, general productivity isn’t enough. When you sit down to write, you need to hustle even more than you regularly do. And that can be a problem, even for the most seasoned of us. But these tips on The Write Life can help you write faster and harder, and I love themmm.

So what have you been up to?

  • Wow! What an amazing month you had. I am always so impressed by how much you write each month. Keep slaying it, girl! Thanks for including my post here! xox

    • Thank you so much!!! Loved that post – I’m *all* about the happy dance or celebratory cookie. 🙂