Bringing Sanity to Mind – Lessons Worth Learning from Remote Workers

Posted on 2 November, 2018 in

If you’ve followed my personal journey over the past few years, either through my email list, social media, or personally, you know how much my attitudes around mental health and self-care have changed since first getting diagnosed with chronic illnesses in 2015.

When I heard my friend Taru Bhargava was writing a post for the Quuu blog about “sanity for remote workers,” I *knew* I had to get involved and share some of the things I’ve learned. 😍

She has a ton of great tips and recommendations from other remote works and self-care advocates, including my own:

I treated my situation as though freelancing was my full-time job and self-care was my side hustle. I created systems and process for myself and invested in tools and software to help me follow through with them. I put nightly journaling on my calendar, and added taking my meds and checking in with my therapist between appointments to my project management tool.

Read the full post on the Quuu blog!

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