Can a pop star save your content strategy? YES! Good news:

Cardi B can save you!

You’re on the right track, you just need to smooth out your content creation process before you can scale it (and its results!).

If I had to guess, you’re at the “sooo close to being *there*” point with your content marketing.

You’ve written countless blog posts. You’ve created the content upgrades. You’re trying your hardest to move people through your marketing funnel.

And it’s working!
...Sometimes! 🙃

But you know there’s still something missing...

Because you may be putting in the work, but it’s starting to take its toll on you and your team.
You all feel like you’re trapped on a content creation treadmill that’s stuck on high speed.

  • You’re constantly a few days behind on your marketing calendar and to-do list.
  • As soon as you publish a new piece of content, you rush through promoting it so you can get “back to work” creating.
  • You know promoting and repurposing content can be helpful, but you’re so overwhelmed with creating you’ve never spent much time on them.

Sounds like you need to take a queue from Cardi B’s content marketing strategy circa 2017. 💁🏻 

cardi b gif

She had an smooth af content creation workflow that let her pump out music content on the reg. AND distribute it strategically enough to take over the airwaves.

That is content marketing gold, y'all.

Let's talk about what you should take away from it...

“Drop two mixtapes in six months, what b*tch working as hard as me?”
- Cardi B, Bodak Yellow

First, get inspired! Here's a playlist of music from content remixing all-stars:

Next, you need to get your content process in order.

Before you can scale your content marketing program and the customers it can bring, you need to streamline your workflow. To get it to the point where you’re creating and distributing content WITHOUT all the stress and hiccups (or worse,  the stress hiccups).

If you try to scale up before you streamline down, you’ll just end up leading your team faster towards content burnout.

Instead, perfect your workflow until you can crank out hits as consistently as Cardi B.

cardi b saying it makes sense

Here are a few ways you can start…

1. Brainstorm groups of content instead of individual pieces

Avoid random, one-off blog posts as much as possible and aim for cohesive, focused content campaigns instead.

This lets you fully address topics and really take your audience through the entire customer journey using your content.

The easiest way to get started creating content campaigns? Just brainstorm your content ideas in batches.

When you come up with blog post and email ideas in chunks of 4, 5, or even more related ideas, it’s really easy to organize them into focused series and campaigns that explore bigger topics in-depth.

2. Create a game plan for each piece of content

Go beyond an overall content marketing strategy for your entire business. Create a strategy for each individual piece of content.

Your individual game plans might include:

  • An overview of the goals the content (and the larger project it's part of) needs to accomplish

  • A brief outline or skeleton of the piece of content

  • A strategy for content distribution, like which channels you'll promote it on and what you'll say

This way, you’re not just opening a Google Doc and winging it every time it’s time to draft a new piece of content.

You’ll have a plan not just for creating content, but making sure it succeeds as well.

3. Building distribution into the creation process

Another bonus of having a game plan for each piece of content? You know exactly how you’ll be promoting it before you write a word.

This is sooo important for strategic promotion.

When Cardi B was ready to take over the airwaves, she made sure to design radio-friendly, packed-with-mainstream-appeal singles. 

Do you really think she & her team didn’t take that into consideration when choosing the tracklist, recruiting collaborators, and every other step along the way?

This makes promotion and distribution faster, easier, and more successful so that you can make the most of the content your company creates.

But why listen to me? 🤔

brittany berger headshot

I’m Brittany, but my friends call me Bberg, and we’re friends now.

Before starting my own business, I spent 8 years running content marketing in-house.

Until I found the maximalist, more-cowbell content marketing best practices couldn't mesh with my chronic illness and need for work/life balance anymore. 

The only way I made it out alive was by coming up with a minimalist (read: chilled out) approach to content marketing.

As much as I wrote and recorded and created, I also distributed and recycled and repurposed. Constantly optimizing and maximizing the content I’d already created, since it took less energy than creating content from scratch. 

Now that I’m teaching and consulting, I want to be sure everyone knows that minimalist content marketing leads to max customers and results.

So let’s do this together!