Ready to take advantage of the most profitable content marketing channel…without adding more content creation to your to-do list?

Now you can with Email Remix on Repeat: done-for-you weekly emails based on the brilliant content you’ve already created .

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’ve created tons of content in the past…blog posts, Instagram captions, YouTube videos, podcasts, Q&As, webinars, you name it.
  • You’ve build a great library of work, but are still running yourself ragged on the constant content treadmill.
  • For all the content you’re sitting on, you still struggle to email your list regularly, despite knowing how much it could help you get new sales or clients.
  • You know you should repurpose content more, but don’t do it consistently, either because there’s never enough time or you don’t know where to start.

I’m not a mind reader, I’ve just talked to a lot of other business owners who are in the same situation as you.

Business owners who are so overwhelmed “just keeping up” with the marketing already on their plate, that they don’t have the space to think about changing up their strategy and workflow, even if it means less work in the long-run.

They’re so stuck on the constant content treadmill that they can’t even step off on their own.

Luckily, they don’t have to…that’s what I’m here for.

What if there was a way to engage, nurture, and convert your email list every week without creating new content?

That’s my goal with Email Remix On Repeat!

Email Remix on Repeat is a new monthly service that will fill your marketing calendar with newsletters and other emails based on content you’ve already created.

All you’ll need to do is chat with me once a month, and your email marketing content will be taken care of. 🙌

Benefits of Email Remix on Repeat

  • Stay top of mind with your email list in between launches and promotions without adding any more work to your plate.
  • Take full advantage of the existing content in your body of work.
  • Make sure your newer subscribers still see your best content, regardless of how long ago it was published.
  • Generate more (and more consistent) sales or lead inquiries through soft pitches and offer mentions in your weekly emails.
  • Build a library of email content you can repurpose even further, into projects like welcome sequences, nurture sequences, or sales funnels.

How It Works

  • Each month, we’ll have a quick check-in (synchronously or asynchronously—your preference) to get up to date on what’s going on in your business, what your main goals and focuses are, and how your email content can help you with them.

    This will make sure your content strategy aligns with everything else going on in your business.
  • Based on that, the same week, I’ll put together an email content calendar for the month that’s focused on your current business priorities...

    Whether those are growing awareness for an existing offer, driving more replies for customer research, or warming up subscribers for an upcoming launch.
  • About a week after you’ve approved the content calendar, you’ll receive your email content for the month, ready to load into your email provider and send.* 🎉

What’s Included

  • Monthly check-in to align content calendar with business goals (value: $200)
  • Monthly content calendar for email marketing content (value: $300)
  • Copy for 4-5 email newsletters per month (value: $1,200)
  • Ongoing Slack access for asynchronous text & voice message support in between check-ins (value: $100)

How Much It Costs

Total value: $1,800/month

Actual cost: starting at $1,500 — $1,200/month for your first 3 months (first 3 clients only)

* Add-ons (like scheduling sends in your ESP and remixing to other channels) available for an additional fee

How Email Remix on Repeat is Different from Other Repurposing Services

I approach things from a lens of “strategy first.”

No random, reactive repurposing here.

The purpose of our monthly check-in is to know enough about what’s going in your business to choose the best, most strategic content possible to base your email remixing on.

We define how much content is “enough” for your business...

Instead of just trying to create as much content as possible.

This service isn’t about “turning 1 piece of content into 10,” over and over and over.

It’s about making the best use of as little content as possible.

This isn’t just a glorified cut-copy-paste job...

With barely any changes between the original and remixed piece. 

I refresh and edit each piece, reformat it specifically for email, and optimize it for conversions (whatever the goal conversion of the piece may be).

Any of your content I get my hands on will benefit from my 12 years of experience in copywriting and content marketing.

This prioritizes high-ROI marketing channels to get you off the constant content treadmill faster...

Instead of lower value channels like social media.

With social media, you’re only reaching a tiny fraction of your audience with each post, a post’s “lifespan” is only a few hours, and it’s hard to take people off the platform to move through the customer journey. 

Email marketing goes directly to your audience, stays in their inbox until they see it, and tends to convert exponentially more leads or customers than social media.

Things You Might Be Wondering...

Do I still need to create new content at all?

It depends on things unique to your situation, like how much remixable content you have in your archives, your current marketing goals, and more. We’ll talk more about that in our monthly check-ins.

Ideally, you would still create new long-form content like blog posts, videos, or podcasts, but the pressure would be off to churn them out at a weekly pace.

You could publish them biweekly, monthly, or even quarterly, because your main communication would leverage remixed content instead of relying on new stuff every week. 

You’d be able to focus on content quality, instead of feeding social media algorithms.

What work does this involve from me or my team?

Here's what I'd need from you for the first 3 months:

  • A monthly check-in either via Zoom call or Slack chat (estimated time: 15-30 minutes per month)
  • Reviewing & approving the content calendar afterwards (estimated time: 15 minutes per month)
  • Uploading your final copy to your email marketing provider & scheduling it (estimated time: 15 minutes per email / 1 hour per month)

That’s just an hour and a half per month (or less) for weekly high quality content on one of the most important and profitable marketing channels.

(Over time, the check-in will likely take even less time as we find a groove, and we can eliminate the calendar approval step before creating content whenever you're comfortable with that.)

Do I need to decide what content you’ll remix?

Nope, you don’t need to worry about it!

One of the most common things I hear from clients and audience members is that they get overwhelmed trying to decide what content to repurpose when they have such a big archive. That they feel like they don’t understand content strategy enough in the first place to make the right choices.

So after our check-in each month, I’ll figure out which content of yours is best aligned to your current marketing goals and strategy and build you a content calendar based on that.

What kinds of content can you use to remix?

Here's just a sampling:

  • Blog posts / essays / articles
  • Videos (from your YouTube channel, sales pages, launches, etc.)
  • Livestreams (YouTube lives, Facebook lives, Instagram lives, etc.)
  • Podcast episodes (either your own podcast or ones you’ve been interviewed on)
  • PR coverage/features
  • Webinars and workshops
  • Lead magnets
  • Samples of paid products

But there's also more options (if you’re curious about a specific format not listed here, just ask)!

How can I use the emails you remix for me?

Pretty much any way you want! And I can even help.

They’re primarily written to serve as weekly engagement / nurture emails, but you can easily use them in live launches / promotions, evergreen sales funnels, automated welcome sequences, and more.

Once your library of strategic email content is large enough (again, that’s something we’d determine together), it might even make the most sense to shift from this retainer service to a project-based container where I build you an evergreen newsletter to replace these weekly live emails.

With some re-editing and re-remixing, you can also use these emails as the basis for short-form content like social media (I can also remix these for you for an additional monthly fee).

What about months that have 5 weeks?

You get a free email!

Interested in remixing your best content for email?

Fill out this form to tell me a bit about your business and I'll be in touch soon with next steps! 😀