Burnout-proof your content marketing operation with The Content Remix Planner

content remix planner quick flipthrough

Let me guess:

You’re stuck on the constant content treadmill, running straight towards burnout.

You’re trying to turn your content team into a smooth marketing machine.

But it feels like you have a thousand different calendars and systems to keep up with, not including your sleep schedule (cause this ish is keeping you awake at night).

There’s your blog, your email list, and social media profiles you feel like you should be more active on. 

Then there are the 2 other platforms you know you should be looking at, and you can’t remember the last time you updated the content on your company's landing pages.

It’s just too much.

Too much planning, too much research, too much writing, too much work.

That feeling is because you're following the outdated industry standards based on "More Cowbell Content Strategy."

With More Cowbell Content Strategy, no matter what the problem or goal, the prescription is “more content.”

You just get every blog post done and over with as fast as possible, so you can move on from it. Knock out the copy, press publish, schedule a few shares, and DONEZO! On to the next one. 

And that mindset and that approach might have worked when content marketing was a newer strategy for most marketing teams.

But 20 years into it being common practice, it's led to content overwhelm for our customers and burnout for marketers like us.

It just doesn't make sense anymore.

In 2024, content marketing can't just be about churning out new stuff, it needs to include maintaining what you already have.

That pile of old blog posts, videos, and emails you're sitting on? It's time for that content to work as hard as you do. 💪

So that your content keeps bringing your company awareness, new leads, and sales (from the *right* people), even when you’re not creating new content. 

So that your evergreen content will ACTUALLY get evergreen results, instead of inching further towards obsoletion every month.

That way, your target audience is paying attention to your content, even when you’re not. 

Because after all, writing is just one part of your job as a content marketer, and you’ve so much more to do.

To make all the areas of your content marketing work NSYNC, it’s time to digital get down with content remixing and minimalist content marketing.

Minimalist content marketing has 3 rules:

content strategy

Rule 1:

Decide how much content you really need to meet your business goals.

content creation

Rule 2: 

Create *just* as much content as you need. Then let it work.

content repurposing

Rule 3: 

Prioritize remixing and remastering your greatest hits (like any good pop star would).

And it requires changing the way you plan and promote content.

Creating a whole new system for your content marketing, from setting goals and strategy through to promotion and repurposing.

That might sound like a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be.

And I have something that will help A LOT.

The Content Remix Planner is an interactive content marketing tool and planning template to help you center your whole strategy around getting more success from less content. 🎉

content remix planner preview

From the moment you start talking through your content strategy and goals, to pressing “publish” on new content, through to reviving and repromoting it a year later...

The Content Remix Planner tells you exactly what you should be doing with your content to make it work harder for you.

Whether your main form of content is blog posts, videos, social posts, or messages in a bottle (okay, maybe not that last one), it helps you strategize, plan, create, promote, repurpose, and update them over time.

Every piece of content will be working for you, instead of just your most recent few.

That way your content marketing results start to stack on top of themselves, instead of just repeating a cycle of awesome surges followed by crickets.

This planner tells you what you’ve done, what you should be doing now, and what you’ll need to do next.

No more scattered marketing schedules. 

After all:

Inconsistent, scattered scheduling was what killed Happy Endings before its time. Don’t make the same mistake with your content, that ABC made with sitcom scheduling. 😝

happy endings

Here's how the remix planner works:

(The video above shows you the Airtable version of the Content Remix Planner, but you'll receive access to multiple different versions. The Content Remix Planner can slip right into your existing workflow no matter what softwares you use! 🙌)

  • As you and your team build out your content strategy, you'll document your goals, target customer, voice of customer research, and other important information in the strategy section.
  • Use the content calendar section to manage your production workflow to create *just* as much content as you need to build your business's content customer journey.
  • As soon as you publish a new podcast episode, blog post, content pillar, landing page, or video, pop back over to the Remix Planner to follow your new distribution process.
  • The promotion planner walks you through each step of promoting content right when it goes live, including what to share on social media, so you don’t have to figure out the right workflow for yourself.
  • Longer term, the remix and optimization checklists serves as an ongoing record of what you’ve done and what you need to do, pre-filled with a ton of relevant promotion and repurposing ideas.
  • The entire planner is organized by the order that you should promote and repurpose in, so you don’t accidentally skip a step without realizing...until your monthly lead numbers come in low or you can’t figure out where your traffic is coming from.
  • Automatically create a content library of all of your long-form, social, and repurposed content in one searchable database. Stop spending tons of scattered time creating and rewriting content for a hundred different things, and start working from a cohesive content archive that makes sure your greatest hits gets seen by everyone who needs them.
  • Integrate the planner with your project or task management tool to work it into your existing workflow and (finally) make promotion, optimization, and repurposing a built-in part of your routine instead of something you "get to when you remember."

The Content Remix Planner template includes:

content remix planner preview

Template library for the Content Remix Planner, including all the pre-made workflows, checklists, spreadsheets, and custom views you'll need to track your content marketing operations (available in Notion, Airtable, Google Sheets, and .csv template formats).

content remix planner walkthrough lessons

Full walkthrough video of the Content Remix Planner template showing you how to use and customize the different custom fields and views to your own minimalist content marketing strategy.

Custom templates for every step of your content marketing process, from laying out your business's offers and marketing goals, to making sure all the content you're creating and distributing aligns with your business targets.

remix planner workflow templates
hub content views

Custom views to track all your long-form content pieces, where they are in the content marketing lifecycle, and which pieces need to be published, promoted, repurposed, and updated.

In addition to more calendars, templates, and workflows for your social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and visual content like images and gifs...all of which link back to the pillar content they support!

Plus, you'll get a few more bonuses to make using the Remix Planner even easier:

the content party group
  • Access to The Content Party, my private community for students and clients. In there, you can post content marketing questions anytime and submit your content for monthly reviews and critiques.
  • 26 content promotion ideas to consider tracking in your remix planner (cheat sheet)
  • 37 ideas for repurposing content that you'll be able to track in your planner, too (cheat sheet)
  • Content updates & optimization checklist for when the planner tells you it's time to update old content.
  • Exclusive tutorial on how to automate parts of your content remixing to save EVEN MORE time with the template
  • Exclusive discounts on all other BrittanyBerger.com products and services
  • Guaranteed access to all future updates

This template gives your entire content marketing program a BIG OLE boost - for just $75.

Here's what customers are saying about content remixing and my approach to marketing:

  • "I love how everything's connected to everything else in such a cohesive way! When I was tracking this stuff manually, it took 10 times as long."
  • "It just makes SO MUCH SENSE. I've created tons of good content that just...went into my dark and dusty files. I love the idea of hauling it out for a refresh. I'm seeing more ease and confidence in my planning, and I'm not on the treadmill of creating more, more, more anymore."
  • "I'm way more likely to create content now because I know it's going to be used and promoted."

“Brittany is the content marketing OG. When I started my career in content a few years ago, she was the one I learned so much from. It's no surprise we now nerd out about content every chance we get!"

Marijana Kay

This if for you if:

  • You're a content marketer who's heard "you should spend more time promoting content than creating it" but don't really know WTF that REALLY means, like how or where to promote your content, where to find all that magical time, and how to manage it all.
  • You work hard to create content consistently, but know you could get better business results from the effort you put in with more strategic promotion and repurposing.
  • You’re a marketer who’s not confident in your content skills, and want a guide for promoting and repurposing it. If you’re going to torture yourself through the writing process, it’s gotta be worthwhile. You'd rather promote and repurpose than create from scratch.

But not quite the answer yet if:

  • You’re just getting started with content marketing and don’t have *any* pieces of content to promote and repurpose already. (Go publish 10 things, THEN buy this. 😉)
  • You mainly use paid promotion to distribute your content - this focuses on workflows for organic content marketing like blogging, video publishing, podcasting, social media, and email marketing.
  • You need to learn the basics of how content marketing works. This product assumes you know the basics and need help taking action, but there are others, like workshops and courses, in the BrittanyBerger.com shop for the basics!

You might be wondering:

What's the difference between this and a regular content calendar?

Great question! I like to call the Content Remix Planner a repurposing-first content calendar.

It's not that it's not a content calendar, it's just not like most others you've seen. And it's also more.

It's NOT one of the content calendars that prioritizes content creation and ignores all the other parts of content marketing. It IS a workflow and project management tool for all your content marketing operations, including creation.

But it also has calendars and templates to mange your content strategy, voice of customer research, keyword research, content promotion, content repurposing, and content optimization.

Because as you can clearly see from the above sentence (try saying the whole thing out loud without taking a breath, I dare ya), there's SO much more to content marketing than just publishing new stuff.

How do I use and access it? Is it an app?

It's not its own app (yet 😉), but rather a template you can install into an app you already use.

There are currently template versions for:

  • Notion (this is the main, and best imo, version)
  • Airtable
  • .xlsx (for Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Apple Pages)
  • .csv (to import into almost anything else, like Trello, Asana, ClickUp, etc.)

So you can just import the template into your project management or productivity tool of choice, customize it to your own strategy and workflow, and start remixing.

Alright, sounding pretty cool...what kind of content does this work for?

This can be customized to manage and remix content for any format or channel! Right from the get-go, there are built-in templates for blog posts, emails, videos (both livestreamed and prerecorded), and social media posts.

But the whole planner is totally customizable, so if your priority channels and formats aren't included in the templates already, you can create your own.

You can also customize the templated workflows to reflect the system you already have, if you have one.

If I bought the template and decide not to use it, can I get a refund?

Since you have full access to all templates as soon as you purchase, all sales are final. If you're having trouble using the planner, you can post in our customer community for my assistance.

Last thing: how long does this all take?

Umm...how much time do you spend on content marketing? That long.

The Content Remix Planner isn't something you spend extra time working in.

It's a new place to do the work you're already doing. And to do it in a more organized, effective, and productive way.

If anything, the Remix Planner subtracts from the total time you need to spend on content marketing, rather than adding anything.

That's why it's so great, if I do say so myself. 😀

So if you're ready to start remixing your content and getting more customers and success from less content, grab your template for $75 today:

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