Content Remix Planner - Brittany Berger

The Content Remix Planner

Stop stressing so much over creating content that you forget to use it

You’re stuck on the content creation hamster wheel, running towards burnout *fast.*

You’re trying to turn your site into a smooth marketing machine, but it’s taking WAY more moving parts than you ever imagined.

It feels like you have a thousand different calendars to keep up with, not including your sleep schedule (cause this ish is keeping you awake at night).

There’s your blog...and your email list...and 3 social media profiles you’re supposed to keep updated but don’t. 

Then there are the 2 other platforms you know you should be looking at, and you can’t remember the last time you updated the content on the rest of your website.

It’s just too much.

Too much content, too much planning, too much research, too much work.

You’re not afraid to hustle, but you know there’s no way you can keep up with your current content marketing strategy long-term.

Right now, you're stuck on the constant content treadmill:

You just get every blog post done and over with as fast as possible so you can move on from it. Ya knock out the copy, press publish, schedule a few shares, and DONEZO. 

“Call me Jay-Z cause it’s on to the next one.” 💁🏻

Sure, there’s more you *could* do to promote that post, but that would just add even more to your to-do list, right?


It’s 2020 - content marketing isn’t about churning out constant content anymore.

What needs to change? Just your whole content marketing process, NBD.

You have to get your content marketing organized enough that your blog posts, videos, and emails work as hard as you do. 💪

Powerful enough that your content keeps bringing your business visibility, leads, and sales (from the *right* people) EVEN when you’re not working on it. 

Strong enough for your evergreen content to ACTUALLY get evergreen results, instead of one big bump when it’s published followed by crickets.

That way, your target audience is paying attention to your content when you’re not. 

Because after all, writing is just one part of your job, and you’ve got other ish to do.

To make all the areas of your content marketing work NSYNC, it’s time to digital get down with content remixing.

Content remixing - approaching content marketing with equal emphasis on creation, promotion, and repurposing - is how marketers can scale content results without scaling the stress involved.

And it requires changing the way you plan and promote content.

I know that sounds scary, but I have something that’ll make sure it’s not…

The Content Remix Planner is an interactive planning tool that walks you through promoting and repurposing new content - so your content keeps working long after you do 🎉

From the moment you press “publish” on new content through to reviving it a year later, the Remix Planner tells you what you should be doing with your content to make it work harder.

Whether your main form of content is blog posts, videos, social posts, or messages in a bottle (okay, maybe not that last one), it helps you organize, promote, repurpose, and update them over time.

Every piece of content will be working all the time, instead of just your most recent few.

That way your content marketing results start to stack on top of themselves, instead of just repeating a cycle of awesome surges followed by quiet.

This planner tells you what you’ve done, what you should be doing now, and what you’ll need to do next.

No more scattered marketing schedules.

After all:

Inconsistent, scattered scheduling was what killed Happy Endings before its time. Don’t make the same mistake with your content, that  ABC made with sitcom scheduling. 😝

happy endings