Minimalist Content Planning Workshop - Brittany Berger

Don't spend another 3 months on the constant content treadmill πŸ‘Ÿ

You know that content marketing done right can help bring in a consistent, steady flow of clients or customers. πŸ’°

And you figured that meant putting out a consistent, steady flow of content, so that's what you did.

So you *enthusiastically* hopped on the weekly content bandwagon...

Planning out allll your ideas and mapping out when you would publish them on a pretty, fancy content calendar and thought that would be enough.

(Narrator's voice over: it was not enough...)

Sure, you've heard things like "spend as much time distributing your content as you do creating it," but you'll make time for that later...whenever that is.


Right now, you wouldn't even know where to get started with all that stuff.

Or how to make time for it on top of keeping up with creating new content.

Plus, wouldn't you need to hire someone new to make time for it? πŸ€”

So until then, running the content creation treadmill it is.

And maybe it's given you a taste of content marketing success...

But the main thing you have to show for all your work so far is a site full of outdated content. 😬

You follow and see other companies doing it EVERY day, and your content seems JUST as good as theirs (if not better)...

So why doesn't it seem to bring you the same results?

It's time to stop running an endless race of weekly content. πŸ›‘

Hustle Culture tricked us into thinking that more is always better, so more content means more results. 

But now our customers are drowning in content. πŸ™ˆ

We need to focus on guiding them to the content you already have instead of drowning them more. 😬

Believe me, it'll make both your lives easier.

Because if you've been doing this content marketing thing for a while already, it's safe to make a few assumptions:

  • You've already created blog posts, podcasts, or videos about the biggest questions your audience has and the main topics they care about most.

  • You haven't updated those pieces of content lately, so they're more than a little stale...okay, they've gone so bad they're starting to stink.

  • Instead of paying attention to those, you've been trying to come up with new ideas to fuel your constant content creation.

This means you're spending a ton of time and every starting from scratch on new content every week...after week...after week...when you DON'T have to.

With a minimalist content marketing strategy, you can get more visibility, leads, and customers from less content. πŸ™Œ

It's time to hop off the constant content treadmill and hop on the minimalist content marketing train.

With minimalist content marketing:

1. You focus on USING content, not creating it.

2. You create only as much content as you need, then sit back and let it work.

3. You have strategic ways to remix and remaster your content built into your weekly schedule.

And ultimately, your content strategy works smarter, your sales get consistent, and your constant content overwhelm goes buh-bye! πŸ‘‹

But here's the thing...

What most people get wrong with content remixing and repurposing is that they don't think about it until they're "done" creating content.

And for it to REALLY work, it needs to be part of your strategy from the START.

That's why minimalist content strategy builds it into your content calendar instead of leaving it as an afterthought.

Since it all starts with the content calendar, join me to build yours! 

The Minimalist Content Planning Toolkit is a resource bundle that combines educational videos and actionable templates to create your minimalist content marketing calendar for the quarter ahead.

In this on-demand toolkit, I'll walk you through how to apply the rules of minimalist content marketing to your own marketing calendar, so you can run consistent content campaigns that get great results with less content.

You'll go through my content planning process step-by-step, with tools and templates for each step to help you to actually get the work done.

That way, you're not walking away from the workshop with even more ideas that you don't know what to do with and never implement.

big pun blogging

You leave with a finished (or almost finished) marketing plan for the quarter that makes the most of ALL your content so you get more sales with less energy.

During the on-demand trrainings, you'll learn...

  • The content marketing myths keeping you overworked and overwhelmed, plus new marketing mantras to replace them with
  • How to stop creating monthly content calendars in place of a minimalist content system
  • Why you can relax and stop trying to keep up with all those social media holidays (and other small talk content)
  • How to map your minimalist content marketing strategy onto your calendar
  • How to balance creating new content with updating, optimizing, and repurposing what you've already got
  • The most strategic way to arrange your content calendar
  • An overall system for content planning that can be applied to any (and ideally *every*) quarterly content calendar.

Plus, you'll get...

  • Forever access to the workshop, so you can use it for every quarterly content calendar or marketing campaign
  • A content strategy planning workbook so the only things that go on that calendar are ones you KNOW are strategic
  • A free copy of my content repurposing planner to use as your minimalist marketing calendar
  • Access to my private student community for 24/7 content feedback

You can get everything you need for $70.

"I used to think that content marketing was all about pushing out as much content as possible. Weekly blog posts sounded great on paper, but it was soooo draining to implement.

Brittany helped me see the light and realise that content should be about quality - not quantity. 

I LOVE her minimalist content marketing movement, and this workshop walks you through how to make your content marketing work harder for you and your goals, but without YOU working harder for your content." - Zoe Linda, Marketing Strategist

But you might be wondering...

"What if I already have my content for the year planned out?"

First of all, you organized unicorn you! I love it!

And to actually address your question, you'll be learning an overall system for content planning that can be applied to any (and ideally *every*) quarterly content calendar.

If your content for the next few months already done, you can either start this system with the next chunk of content you need to figure out from scratch, or use the coworking time to revise the content calendar you already have.

Like I said before, this system will teach you how to fill your calendar with less content than you're used to. So you can take the ideas you've already planned and stretch them *even further* with this system. Score! πŸ™Œ

"Can I take advantage of repurposing if I don't have a ton of content already?"

Yes! You're in a luckier situation than those of us who have already drowned our audiences by publishing too much content. Instead of shifting from a maximalist to a minimalist content strategy, you can start with the more effective one (minimalist) from the start.

Nothing we talk about in the workshop will be super different for you, except that when we talk about remixing and repurposing what you already have, you'll be focusing on the stuff you just created. You'll be remixing as you go instead of going back and fixing past content mistakes.

Who even are you? Why should I trust your advice?

When I first fell into content marketing in 2011, all the best practices were about doing the MOST:

  • Publishing content as frequently as possible
  • Making content as long as possible
  • Creating as many lead magnets as possible

I thought I was doing what I was supposed to, but eventually my INTJ brain started questioning things.

It took going through serious burnout and multiple chronic illness diagnoses (shout-out to my fellow spoonies! πŸ₯„) to find a new approach to successful content marketing.

If I was gonna keep my marketing career going while managing my illness, I HAD to make things work. I needed an approach to content marketing that got the same results with less time, energy, and overwhelm.

This is that system.

"I still can't decide..."

That's not a question, but I'll allow it. :) 

If you're still on the fence, let's get you off it. That can't be comfortable for your butt. Here's my pulling out all the stops.

This toolkit is for you if...

  • You love the idea of minimalist content marketing, but don't know how to turn that into a tactical content calendar that still meets your marketing goals.
  • You understand the benefits of repurposing content, but aren't sure how to make time for it in between creating new stuff.
  • You "keep meaning to sit down and figure it out," but just haven't yet. Β―\(ツ)/Β― So...
  • You continue to run that treadmill and let all your old content (and a chunk of the new) go to waste.
  • You're tired of creating new content calendars from scratch every. single. month. for every. single. channel.
  • You feel like you've already created content about everything your ideal customer needs to know, and like you're just repeating yourself at this point.
  • You're ready to spend less time planning and creating content and more time USING it.

If you can say you've never felt any of that marketing madness, then keep your calendar open.

But if any of the above IS you, you'll want this toolkit.

β€œBrittany is the content marketing OG. When I started my career in content a few years ago, she was the one I learned so much from. It's no surprise we now nerd out about content every chance we get!

As a writer, I often get overwhelmed, both on strategic and creative side, which is why I took Brittany's Confident Content Workshop.

I loved it and have improved so much with it. I still go back to it and the workbook whenever I need a boost in my client writing workflow!” - Marijana Kay, SaaS Content Writer