Solopreneur Productivity Tips

Workflow Automation 101- The Solopreneur's Secret Weapon

Workflow Automation: A Solopreneur's Secret Weapon for Improving Productivity

When you're your business's only employee, there's no one to delegate to when you're sick, sad, stressed, or an emergency pops up. Or when you just don't want to work...

Unless! Unless you can automate the work instead. Then, you can delegate it to robots. And today's bots? Rosie from The Jetsons has got nothin' on them.​

This post shows you how to use workflow automation to create bot employees for your biz. 🙂 ​

Scheduling and Automation - The Two Easiest Ways for Solopreneurs to Save Time

The Easiest Ways to Save Time on Your Business: Scheduling & Automation

Your time is your business's most important commodity. You're talented, and those skills are worth more than any software or piece of equipment you can buy.​

But how do you know you're getting your money's worth?

You need to make the most of your time - every minute.

10 Ways to Avoid Insanity and Automate Email

​10 Ways to Avoid Insanity and Automate Your Email

We've gotten to the point where we beg and pray for less email and get excited when a piece of snail mail comes in. On average, people get over 100 emails per day now. YIKES!

How the hell do you deal with all that and run a business at the same time?

Simple, you don't.

You automate inbox management and some of your email sending, so you can spend more time on the work that matters.​

Awesome IFTTT Recipes for Business

14 IFTTT Recipes to Automate Your Solo Business

One of the first (and best) automation tools that you need to become besties with is IFTTT, which stands for "if this, then that." And that's exactly what automations in this app do. That's it. So simple.

So start setting up simple automations with IFTTT to automate your solo biz - everything from freelance client management, course student support, and blog promotion.

Zapier: How to Automate Business Processes Like a Bot

Use Zapier to Automate Your Solo Business Processes #LikeABot

Once you've learned how to use IFTTT, you've basically learned how to use half of Zapier (even more than that on the free plan!). So it makes sense to master this tool next.

It works basically the same way, but offers even more integrations with popular business apps and lets you do fancy-pants things like add filters and searches or create multi-step automations.

Use Digit and Automation to Trick Yourself into Saving Money

Trick Yourself into Saving More Money With Automation

If you suck at saving money like I do, increased revenue just means increased spending. New client? Hello, new course! Affiliate payout? Hi, new notebook!

Unless you think you have less money than you actually do!​

And that's what Digit does - secretly moves money into a savings account for you, automatically. Here's how I use it to grow my solopreneur business.​

Stupid Simple Freelancing with Automation

7 Stupid Simple Ways to Automate Freelance Client Management

When you're freelancing, time is literally money. There are only so many hours in a workday, and you're sure as hell not working late and cutting into your latest Netflix binge. Being a solopreneur means you set your own hours.

So the best way to take on more client work - without saying "boy, bye" to your free nights and weekends - ​is by automating all that admin work that's not billable, so you're getting paid for as many working hours as possible.

Here's how!​

Stupid Simple Freelancing with Automation

How I Stay Organized (and Sane) Juggling a Dozen Projects

I have somewhat of an organization arsenal. Planners, notebooks, project management apps - I use it all. Because I believe in using the best organization tool for each individual project instead of throwing everything in one place.

To learn how I organized 2016 - where I juggled a day job, side freelancing business, hobbies, and two blogs - read this post for a walkthrough of my different tools.​